An optimal blend of specially created polymer binder and premium grade pigments combined with rheology modifiers and fillers, Seal Face - WC is an high build wall coating. This provides a tough, waterproof, durable yet flexible film which can breathe. Seal Face-WC is formulated to protect old and new painted or bare masonry walls for an infinite period of time. Ideally suited for exteriors of industrial, commercial and residential building.
Adhesion : Due to its excellent adhesive property to masonry surfaces, Seal Face. WC will not chip, flake or peel.
Flexibility : Seal Face-WC's composition allows it to expand and contract with normal surface movement. Even under extreme temperature variations, it remains flexible, even as it maintains its toughness.
High build coating : With Seal Face - WC a high build coating is attained. This helps to hide surface blemishes, hairline cracks, while preserving the architectural features of the building. It also, protects the surface from atmospheric pollutants thus making it extremely durable.
Resistance: Seal face-WC's formula creates a tough barrier which resists dirt pick up, growth of fungus, algae, mildew, dry tot, moss etc. Importantly, it prevents hydrolysis which decomposes the film due to water exposure.
Vapour permeable: Though water resistant, this tough and flexible film permits transmission of water thus allowing the walls to breathe normally and thereby increasing its life.
Easy to apply : Being single component coating, Seal Face-WC can be easily applied with rollers/trowel thus eliminating the need for skilled labour.
Attractive and economical : Soft texture designs in a choice of selected shades make Seal Face WC a very attractive option. And once applied little or no maintenance is required. Hence Seal Face - WC is economical, too.
Seal Face-WC is ideally suited for exterior application on render, brick, block, in site / pre cast concrete and plaster. It can also be applied on pebble dash surfaces and bath rooms, public utility area such as schools, college, hotel, factory, public areas.
Wire brush and clean all foreign matter such as dirt, dust, grease, laitence, mortar droppings, release agents, efflorescence and loose and flaking materials. Wash the surface with aceton or sealface - wash thin.
All large voids or hollow portions must be removed and replastered locally with sand- cement mortar (by adding 10% Polycrete admixture).
Larger cracks or non-moving cracks must be filled with our Seal Face paste compound. Hairline cracks will be covered with the high build up of the coating.
Existing coatings or paint finishes must be prepared as above and the surface should be primed with Seal Face - primer if required to provide a good bond for the coating.
Surface to be treated must be sound, firm, clean, dry and fully cured prior to application. For concrete, however, application should be done after 18 days of curing only
Ambient temperature should not be below 15cC or above 50°C.
Application should not commence during inclement weather or when rain appears imminent.
Method of Application
Prepared surface to be primed with our seal face primer and allowed to dry for 1 hr. Seal Face WC to be applied with roller/ trowel. To get a softer texture, use our special rollers. Apply first coat on primed surface with rollers using just enough hand pressure to attain a uniform soft texture and moving roller in one direction only. For other designs as per roller designs, the method of use would be to trowel the material on prepared surface attaining a film thickness. Allow it to touch dry. After which the roller should be moved to attain the design. Move roller in one direction only. Where second coat is recommended, follow the above precautions. However, move roller at right angles to the first coat. Recoat interval should not be done more than 11/2 hours between each coat. For normal application, only one coat is recommended.
The treated surface should be checked on regular basis at the pre-monsoon stages. Damaged portions if any, can be locally touched or repaired very easily by following application procedure.
Cleaning of tools
Upon completion of the work, hands, tools, equipments etc. can be washed with mild soap and water.
Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in cool, dry place..