Fibreglass Rovings are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, innovative chemistry and a major commitment to statistical process control. The result is a range of high-performance products of consistent quality requirements.
Fibreglass Rovings are supplied in two basic forms:
Conventional multi-end type
Direct single-type.
Both types are offered in a range of linear densities ( Tex) and the sizing is engineered for compatibility with appropriate resin systems such as polyester, epoxy, vinyl ester, phenolics and thermoplastics.
Conventional Multi-End Rovings
These are a collection of continuous strands gathered without mechanical twist into a single package. The range includes chopping products for SMC, spray gun and wide chopper operations and also includes products for compounding with thermoplastics.
Product Benefits
Minimal static
Excellent wet out
Excellent choppability and dispersion
Minimal loops and catenary
Significantly reduced fuzz
Excellent moulding performance
Higher physical properties in the mouldings
Direct Single-End Rovings
These are produced by pulling individual glass fibres from the bushing and directly winding them into untwisted single strand roving packages which are ready for shipment.
This product range is specially designed for use in filament winding and pultrusion and has excellent weavability. It incorporates state-of-the-art chemical technology providing moulders with the opportunity to increase operating speed and properties and to decrease laminate thickness.
Single-end rovings are supplied in tubeless packages for internal unwinding. These products are designed specifically for manufacture of pipe, tanks and equipment and pultruded structural shapes.
Product Benefits
Fast wet out
Exceptional processing and handling characteristics
Smooth run out from the package
Zero catenary
Very low fuzz
High physical properties in the laminates
Product Range


ISO Code

Nominal Tex

Resin Compatibility


  Filament winding,

  EC 27 4800


  Polyester, Epoxy

17-19 Kgs.

  Pultrusion, Weavings

  EC 27 2400


  Vinyl ester, Phenolic

17-19 Kgs.


  EC 27 1200



8-9 Kgs.


  EC 19 600



12-13 Kgs.


  EC 14 300



14-15 Kgs.

  Filament Winding

  EC 27 2400
  EC 27 1200



16-17 Kgs.


  EC 13 150


  Polyester Epoxy,   Vinylester, Phenolic


  Wide Chopper

  EC 10 50 x 48


  Polyester, Vinyl ester


  Sheet Moulding Compound

  EC 13 75 x 32




  Thermoplastic Reinforcement

  EC 13 300x16
  EC 13 300 x 8



  Nylon, Polypropylene