1    Light Weight Efficiency
Fibreglass RB Slabs provide high thermal efficiency at low weight made possible by the exclusive spinning process (TEL Process) which criss-crosses fine glass fibres to entrap millions of tiny air cells. This will also in speeding up installation.
2     Better Temperature Control
Fiberglass RB Wool’s conveyor made, factory controlled thickness and density ensures uniform fibre distribution, eliminating hot spots
3     Fuel Saving
Due to high thermal efficiency, there will be energy savings, and higher productivity, and the fuel consumption will be less.
4     Lower Operating Costs
Complete automated control ensures a product which will result in lower operating costs.
5    Excellent resilience and resistance to vibration
Fiberglass RB Wool ensures full thickness and snug fit, which means lower heat loss, fuel saving and proper temperature control. Even when subjected to prolonged vibrations, it will not settle.
6    Faster Installation
Being light in weight, RB Wool is easy to cut, handle and install. In vertical application, material will not cause downward drag by its own weight
7     Corrosion Resistance
Fibreglass RB Wool will not cause or accelerate corrosion on the surface on which it is applied nor is it affected by acidic environments. This is made possible by total quality control measures enforced, as well as strict control on glass composition confirming to rigid product specification.
8     Permanence
Fiberglass RB Wool is chemically rot-free, non-hygroscopic and will not sustain vermin.
9     Odour Emission
Fibreglass RB Wool is odourless.
10    Stress Corrosion
Fibreglass Rb Wool does not contain leachable chlorides which cause stress corrosion. This may kindly be noted.
11     Oil/Carbon Content
Fibreglass RB Wool does not have any oil or carbon content.
12     Shot Content
The 'Shot' content in Fibreglass RB Wool is NIL, thereby ensuring that 100% of the material is usable.
13    Sulphur Content
The Sulphur content in Fibreglass RB Wool is negligible.