Who We Are

SHARON INSUL INDIA LIMITED is the flagship company of Sharon Group of concerns, based at Kochi ,Kerala, India founded way back in 1978 & Company was incorporated in the year 1994. Sharon have been a popular brand in Fibre Glass Reinforcement for industries like ship & boat building, automobile, moulding industries etc… and Acoustic & Thermal Insulation materials for industries like HVAC, Textile mills, Enclosure manufacturers, Recording studios,  Metal building etc… markets across India right from its inception. Leaving behind a glorious heritage of the successful three decades. SHARON GROUP is on its wings towards greater heights through diversifications.


POLY SHIELD is a two – part thermosetting  formulation with the consistency of a heavy body coating to yield a high build finish on wall and floor surfaces. This is a tough and versatile finish that has been developed as the result of extensive labortary evaluation and a field history of over 12 years.

When POLY SHIELD is applied, a seamless membrane is created on the roof,terrace, balcony, wet area or deck etc.. protecting the building structure reliably and on a long term basis, even under the most difficult condition.

Building Insulation

Insulation helps to reduce energy bill, ensures thermal and acoustic comfort beside offering fire safety for your Building. In many homes insulation is the most practical and cost effective way to make a house more energy efficient, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter and saving up to 40 per cent in heating and cooling bills. In addition, insulation may reduce condensation in the home..


The exposed skin of an insulation system applied over a building surface is frequently subjected to thermal shock, such as a drop in temperature after a sudden shower on a sunny day. In addition to possessing low thermal diffusivity, the material should also possess high resilience in order to prevent thermally-activated rupture

  • Excellent resistance to UV rays
  • To give a weather-proof covering.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance