Fibre Glass Direct Rovings

3B Direct Rovings consist of continuous filaments bonded into a single strand and wound onto a bobbin shape.

3B Direct Rovings are made out of 3B E-CR glass or HiPer-tex™ glass both recognized as benchmarks in the fibreglass industry for their environmental green manufacturing footprints.

3B E-CR glass is a boron-free E-CR glass that shows significantly improved corrosion resistance properties over standard E-glass. 3B E-CR glass complies with ASTM D578 and ISO 2078 standards.

HiPer-tex™ glass is a high performance R-glass. Designed for high load bearings it also offers an improved thermal resistance over Advantex® glass. HiPer-tex™ glass is also a boron-free glass that presents improved corrosion resistance.

Both 3B E-CR and HiPer-tex™ Direct Rovings show excellent processability in your composites processes whatever they are:

filament winding (manufacturing of hollow tubular or cylindrical structures): pipes, storage tanks, pressure vessels
pultrusion (production of profiles): tools, industrial profiles, telecommunications cables, infrastructure parts
knitting & weaving (manufacturing of woven rovings and multi-axial fabrics): semi-finished products used in various applications such as windmill blades, marine, transportation, etc.
Texturisation: acoustics components
In-line compounding injection or compression moulding: long fibreglass reinforced thermoplastic (LFTP) for semi-structural & structural parts.