Fibre Glass Chopped Strand Mat

Chopped Strand Mat is designed for use in all types of polyester resin systems. This is a fine strand emulsion bonded mat that demonstrates fast wet-out, rapid mouldability, superior drape and conformability and easy air removal. The low-alkali ?E? glass used to make this product ensures excellent long term strength and weathering properties in the moulded laminate.
The specialty binder and forming size applied to the mat create a consistent quality mat with superior performance characteristics, providing positive solutions to customer needs and expectations.ApplicationsCropped Strand Mat has several advantages that help give it superior performance in many exacting hand lay-up end uses such as corrosion resistant equipment and marine transportation and building products; also ideally suited for the manufacture of polyester sheet moulding compounds.Advantages
Consistency and uniformity.
The updating technology has resulted in a far more consistent and uniform product.
Rapid wet-up cost .
A substantial improvement in wet-out results in a dramatic reduction in saturation time.
Reduced lay-up cost
Improved drapability, conformability and air removal and ease of moulding result in less time needed to work the mat and resin into the mould.
Saving of resin – lower weight laminate
It has low resin pick up properties which result in saving in resin and in higher specific strength in the laminate
Excellent surface finish.
Hand lay-up, Matched Die moulding, Sheet Moulding Compound.