Fibre Glass Wool

Duct Wrap

The Duct Wrap is a flexible blanket of high quality fiberglass insulation faced with reinforced aluminium foil which improves energy efficiency, lowers cooling and heating costs and reduces sound of duct systems.Other types of facing for Duct Wrap are available upon request

Application : A thermal and acoustical insulation wrapped around the exterior of air conditioning ducts, heating ducts and air handling equipment

Density : 24 – 48 kg.m3

Thickness : 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm

Heavy Density Pipe Insulation

The Heavy Density faced pipe insulation is dense, high performance insulation for pipes. It is furnished with a factory applied vapor barrier of Foil Reinforced Kraft (DSF). Other types of facings are available upon request.

Application : Intended to provide excellent thermal and acoustical insulation for Hot or Cold, Concealed or Exposed pipe where temperatures are between 50 0C to 450 0C

Density : 64 – 96 kg/m3

Thickness : Nominal wall thickness from 13 mm to 100 mm

Pipe sizes : Pipe sizes from 15 mm to 350 mm


Blanket Insulation

A highly efficient , light weight, strong ,resilient and easy to handle blanket of fiberglass insulation available with a Foil Reinforced Kraft (FRK) vapor barrier or as an unfaced blanket . Others types of facing are available on request .

Application : Thermal and acoustical insulation for interior and exterior cavity walls, partitions, ceilings and as backloding of ceiling systems in all types of constructions.

Density :  16,20,24 kg/m3.

Thickness : 25mm,50mm,75mm.

Duct Liners

A flexible blanket or semi-rigid fiberglass insulation faced with a strong fire retardant ,dimensionally stable Black Glass Tissue (BGT).

Application : Intended for use in commercial,i nstitutional, industrial and residential construction as thermal and acoustical insulation for the interior of duct work and plenums operating at velocities up 30m/s (6000 FRM) and temperatures to 121oC to 450 0C

Density : 16,20,24 kg/m3.

Thickness : 25mm,50mm,75mm.

Metal Building Insulation

A highly efficient, light weight, strong, resilient and easy to handle flexible blanket insulation. available with or without facing.

Application : Manufactured specially for use in the roofs and sidewalls in all types of metal building construction .
Density : 12-16 kg/m3 .

Available Facing : White Vinl, Foil Reinforced Kraft (FRK) and White Metalized Scrim Kraft. These facing brighten building interiors due to their high light reflectance, reduce the cost of interior lighting, contribute to an effective vapor barrier and to the control of condensation and dripping moisture.

Board Insulation

Rigid and semi – rigid fiber glass thermal and acoustical board insulation with factory applied vapor barrier of Foil Reinforced Kraft (FRK) or available with no facing (infaced)

Application :For use in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential construction as thermal and acoustical insulation for exterior walls, interior walls, interior and partitions, cavity wall construction, floors and precast structure.

Density : 24- 96 kg/m3

Thickness : 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm

High Heat Insulation

High Temperature Insulation board is a lightweight insulation composed of glass fibers bonded together in a semi-rigid, board like form with a special high temperature binder.

Features and Benefits :Designed for use on power and process boilers, breechings, ducts, precipitators, chimney liners and other heated equipment operating at temperatures up to 850?F (454?C) Thermally efficient Lightweight No crumbling, breaking or slumping Available in large sizes

Density : 24- 96 kg/m3

Thickness : 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm